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Turkey, Pasaköy - biological sewage treatment plant

Biological sewage treatment plant Pasaköy in Istanbul 
Corrosiebescherming op het beton
Voegafdichtingen op minerale en metalen ondergronden
Voegafdichtingen voor dillataties en andere bewegende voegen.
The biological sewage treatment plant in Istanbul is currently being built on an area of the size of approx. 500,000 m². The final target size is 1mill. m². The plant will clean the sewage of approx. 1,000,000 people. This facility has been waterproofed with KÖSTER the following products (and KÖSTER KB Pur 214). 
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KÖSTER KB-Pox Epoxylijm
KÖSTER Kelderdicht 2 Blitzpoeder - Kelder afdichting
KÖSTER Mörteldicht-Flüssig
KÖSTER NB Elastik Grijs
KÖSTER Reparatiemortel
KÖSTER Voegband 30
KÖSTER Voegpasta FS-V zwart
KÖSTER Waterstop
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